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Tony P Guitar Studio Discography Playlist Releases!

I’m here to announce the 1st version releases of the Tony P Guitar Studio Discography on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and SoundCloud. Browse through the playlists with your choice of service!


Apple Music:



I’ve worked very hard to go through the services to put together a running playlist of every studio release I’ve been involved with over the years. If anybody sees that I am missing something PLEASE let me know! These are ongoing changing lists that slightly differ depending on the service, and there are unreleased tracks to be added and some I am still trying to find the artist titles for. And then I find that some YouTube videos disappear which I then try to find others to substitute. I’m making it a point to work often to keep them up to date and corrected as well. It’s a lot of material and it really shows me how vast the digital music content is. Let’s take in account all the digital services that I haven’t even addressed! I’m thankful to have had the opportunities to work on these tracks with so many great artists. If you need guitar for your project, I’m the guy who can take it on. It’s no problem for me to do sessions at home and deliver tracks straight to you over the internet. Hit me up! Meanwhile, have fun going through the playlists and listening to the music!

Tony P at LAFX North Hollywood, CA

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